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Apr. 13th, 2005 | 08:04 pm

I'm in New York. I have been here for about two and a half weeks and have finally decided to go back home. I think it is about time to find another job. I stopped going to my last job, Target, about a month ago. I still haven't said a word to them. I sometimes shock myself at my lack of responsibility. I just decided I didn't want to go in anymore and that was that. Thats the way I have always been. I know I will have another job someday.

I was sick for a little while up here. I was horrible. At first it started out as just nasal congestion and a sore throat. But then it turned into uncontrollable diarrhea. I practically leaking neon green liquid out of my a$$. This lasted 24 hours straight. It couldn't have been just from a cold. It had to been from something I ate. I don't know.

I have been reading this book helena gave me. It is called "The Nerd Who Loved Me". It is one of those romance novels for middle-aged women who have to turn to sensual paperback fantasies because their husbands aren't giving them what they want. It is I admit very addicting. All I want to know is if Joey finds Harry and Laini together at the crappy time-share place, will Harry be able to hold his own in a fist fight to the death. Only time and about 200 pages will tell.

This weekend is alumni weekend. I'm not going home for that though, I'm going for food and money, and perhaps a drink or two with my old pals. Let's hope my car doesn't break down.

Well, till then...

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from: anonymous
date: Apr. 14th, 2005 11:31 pm (UTC)

lol Sounds like you had fun. I read the Da Vinci Code last week, now I'm reading Brave New World and The Notebook at the same time, very different yet very good. Hope you got my coffe mug!!!


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Mei Mei

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from: secretgarden20
date: Apr. 21st, 2005 09:16 pm (UTC)

liar, i thought you couldn't wait to see everyone at alumni weekend?

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