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The Creamy Caramel (not-quite-a) Knight Rises

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Aug. 1st, 2012 | 02:44 pm
mood: indifferentindifferent
music: VAST

I decided to see if this thing is still around and whether I could remember the password, and behold, It waseth, I remembereth.

I believe I started writing on here with nobody I know knowing I write on here.  And then they came.  And then I went.  And now I think I will be back.

I am in Florida.  I work at a college tutoring center full time.  Math, Physics, English.  When no one comes for help, I sit an dick around on the computer, play games, talk . . . .  I tell others and myself I want to finish writing a book, and I have been for the past four years.  I don't feel I am moving anywhere.  I think it is florida.  I don't feel the enthusiasm or impetus I once felt.  There is little in florida to inspire.  Summers are hot and muggy. Winters are cold and dead with none of the magical snow.  Autumns are nice for a time, but pale in comparison to the falls up north.  Springs can be green and the ladies do come out for show, but it isn't enough.  I am a Autumn kinda guy.  I like the hues of brown and orange, halloween, thanksgiving, and being bundled up in a hoodie.

But, I will try to write anyways.  And this is a first step (even though it is a bad one, I hate beginning sentences with conjunctions).

If you happen to find this or re-find this, hello, leave a message, and maybe I'll happen to respond.

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